Igor Jankowski visited ivory coast


The Republic of Cote d’ivoire is located in West Africa, there are about 22.5 million people, economic underdevelopment, there is no contribution to education. Very strong agriculture exports of coffee and cocoa( for the production of the first and third place in the world).пропоную почитати Igor Yankovsky

Ukrainian businessman, Chairman of a well — known Fund Igor Yankovsky with his wife Svetlana Yankovskaya at the meeting with representatives of the country ivory coast negotiate on international cooperation.

Cooperation with the African Republic

Also, during the meeting Igor with his wife talked to an important person of the Republic – Dominique Ouattara. They discussed an agreement that will support the African country.

Ann Ouloto, Minister for family Affairs of the Republic of ivory coast, saw Jankowskii. She noted the importance of the meeting and identified the intentions of the President to change the country into an economically developed country, which will continue to attract more entrepreneurs and people who greatly appreciate the solidarity.

The purpose of the trip was to provide support to the population welfare which are poorly razviti. The Minister expressed his sincere thanks to the spouses Jankovci for your interest in the country.